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We participate in a state-wide health information exchange called HealthInfoNet. This means that certain parts of your health information, maintained electronically, may be shared with other doctors and hospitals to care for you. For example, if you were injured in an accident and were treated by a hospital or provider that is part of HealthInfoNet, that new provider would have access to your electronic medical information, including your allergies, medications, and certain test results and diagnoses.

Specially protected information including substance abuse treatment program records, mental health treatment facility records, HIV/AIDS information and genetic test results are not automatically included in HealthInfoNet. However, your mental health, substance abuse or HIV status may be learned by other HealthInfoNet providers based upon the listing of your medications, or through your services received by this office. If you do not wish to be included in HealthInfoNet, you may “opt-out” by filling out a form found online at:, by calling 866-592-4352, or by completing a paper form we can provide. If you change your mind, you may choose to join again later, but your previous health information will not be included.

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