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"Recovery Happens Here"

Jim Mello

Hello to those on the recovery journey. Welcome to Recovery Ink, a new blog on our new Blue Sky web site. 

I’m excited about this venture, as we experiment with this blog as a resource in recovery.  I’m new to blog writing, but not new to recovery. One thing the Coronavirus pandemic has taught me is that the electronic media can be helpful in staying in touch when personal contact has been limited, and can be helpful in reducing the isolation that can be a part of recovery.  Much as i value, and personally prefer, face to face contact, social media can be an important and effective way to give and get support. 

So, what’s this blog going to be about? Mostly sharing ideas and principles of recovery, and to provide some electronic support. I’m hoping to draw on my experience as a counselor, supervisor, and teacher in the recovery field , as well as being a person in long term recovery, to provide a place to encourage us all to keep on keeping on in our personal recovery. Recovery is worth it. 

I plan to share info, my experience and philosophy, and just be here. I believe in recovery, even more now, in this current time of distress, and in this phase of (my) life. We should never stop learning and growing. As Bob Dylan said, many years ago, “ he not busy being born, is busy dyin’”. Wise words then. Wise words now.

I hope to share inspiration and encourage, poetry, and art, are important sources of inspiration for me., and hope you’ll visit the blog as part of your recovery. So, get your coloring books ready, and come visit us regularly. 

Glad you checked this out. 

Jim Mello